Manifesting Happiness and Prosperity

Exhibiting Happiness and Prosperity

Sheena’s dinner party ended after her guests had asked her countless questions about the change in her beliefs about herself and about the business she had started. They all agreed to go home and watch the video presentation from the link she would email to them. Hugs were given all around and as Sheena closed the door behind her last guest she leaned against the door, let out a contented sigh and went in to her desk to make a list of all the things she wanted to get accomplished tomorrow.

When Sheena awoke the next morning she was ready to get started. She had already decided that she was going to do a blog series about overcoming fear and going after your dreams. For her going after her dream meant growing this business so that she could continue to work from home and help others achieve their dreams. She sat down and began writing her blog and it just flowed out of her like she had been writing all of her life, well in essence she had. Sheena had been keeping a journal since she was a young girl. Those journals had helped her survive as she was growing up, she had written about all the pain, despair and challenges that she had faced in her life, of course the pages of her journal were filled with wonderful moments from her life as well. After finishing her blog she decided to check her email and she couldn’t believe her eyes, several people had emailed her asking for more details of the business, she quickly sent off an email inviting them to call her. It was time to take a break.

While she was eating lunch her phone began to ring. By late afternoon she had talked with over a dozen people made up of family and friends, with three of them signing up to and others that wanted a day or two to think about it, Sheena knew that they were going to be watching for the next few day to see how things were working out for her. She sat back in her chair, smiled and knew the business was going to be successful.

Sheena decided it was time for a glass of wine and once she had that in hand, she went back to her desk and began writing out her goals, the steps she was going to take to achieve those goals and then a list of what she wanted to accomplish the following day.

As Sheena sat at her desk the following more she log onto her website for the business and went to her lead capture page and there before her very eyes was a list of emails from people she had never met that were interested in what this business had to offer. She quickly went to an account that she had set up where she could send out a broadcast email and sent a response. She then looked at the screen of her computer and ran through her mind how she wanted to start the day’s blog. Once the blog was completed, she checked her email and again there were responses and a couple of more people had signed up and she started adding up what her residual income would be after only a couple of days, this working from home blogging business was working, of course she wasn’t making enough residual income to quit her mortar and brick business, but she was headed in that direction.

Sheena decided to pull up her goals, read through them, print them off and hang them on her desk where she could read over them throughout the day. She wanted to stay focused and to take the steps that she had written down.

She began to read each and every goal out loud:

Goals Business

1. Become Financially Successful

2. Build Home Based Business through warm and cold leads-6 month goal is to be earning $5000 per month-1 year goal is to be earning $10,000.00 per month

3. Blog Daily

4. Buy Rental Houses

a. Complete 6 month goal from #3

5. Encourage others to reach for their passions through a business venue

6. Listen to a training message daily

Goals Personal

1. Support a Charity

2. Help Others: achieve goal #1 of business goals

3. Pay off vehicles and house

4. Travel at leisure: Complete goal #1 of business goals

5. Lose Weight and become healthy

a. Go to gym

b. Change eating habits

6. Read books and listen to teaching that will help me with my business goals

7. Reach “Think and Grow Rich”

8. Do the 8 Core Commitments connected with the work at home business

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